“A Place for Everyone”

Kuwait’s 1st Healthy City


“A Place for Everyone”

Certified by The World Health Organization


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Kuwaiti male


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The Healthy City Program is an initiative launched by the World Health Organization. It is a community-based initiative that aims is to enhance the living conditions and standards of a city. The program is intended to improve the physical environment resulting into a sustainable integrated ecosystem. This is accomplished by empowering the community and collaborating with the public and private sectors. That then utilize all available resources to strive for a vibrant lifestyle and wellbeing.


Our Vision

Yarmouk Healthy City is a creative and ideal model for Healthy Cities

Our Goals

Skill development | Maintain safety | Health promotion | Communication with our community | Emergency response and preparation | Maintaining education standards

Our Values

Diversity | Sustainability | Community | Equality | Altruism | Innovation | Resilience | Citizenship

Our Mission

We Yarmouk Healthy City residents in Kuwait, continue to utilize the W.H.O healthy city initiative to empower the community into working together to build an innovative & creative model for a sustainable & progressive city. That enhances through collaborative efforts, we strive to become resilient.




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